Talking up the Burngreave approach

YSF podcast photo

Story by Alison Higgins

Yorkshire Sport Foundation (YSF) have launched a brilliant series of podcasts aimed at those working, or with an interest in the sport and physical activity sector.

The second episode is all about how YSF have worked with the community of Burngreave to use sport and activity to help improve things like poor mental health and social isolation. Regular host Andy Morgan talks with Kathryn Mudge and Safiya Saeed, who discuss the ‘asset-based’ community development approach they have taken in the area. The ‘asset-based’ approach looks at what is good in a community, its strengths, rather than looking at what’s bad or what we haven’t got. And one of the key things we have in Burngreave is lots of people who care!

As Kathryn says:

“Everyone is desperate to do things for themselves, they want to improve their lives and to improve their children’s lives, so this step [recruiting volunteers] was quite easy.”

Safiya also points out how important it is to come together as a team and to support one another.

“You have to come to know people and their stories, not just their faces. That’s what people like, that personal care.”

By skill-sharing, this teamwork lets all kinds of people to run events and projects even if they don’t have specific knowledge of every area themselves. To hear the full podcast and the rest in the series, please visit

YSF podcast photo