Beating stigma with Maan

Beating stigma with Maan

Story and photo by Farhaan Warsame

Maan (‘mind’) is an organisation working to help people with mental health issues within the Somali community in Sheffield.

Maan provides help for those in Somali communities who suffer mental health problems to communicate in their own language and so that they can be referred to health and social care providers.

Maan works with other agencies that are involved in supporting people with mental health problems.

Individuals with a mental disorder used to be stigmatised by the Somali community but nowadays they feel confident to contact Maan and escape such stigma.

From May 2018 to April 2019 Maan has helped more than fifty clients who now live independently.

One of Maan’s clients said:

“I suffered depression and anxiety and I did not like to have social contact with other people but Maan helped me to regain my confidence. I am feeling better and I have returned to study at college”

. Maan has delivered many workshops presented by fourteen health and social care providers.

Maan encourages people in this community to be active to ensure physical and mental wellbeing.

Maan can be contacted at: