Lisa Durnie – I belong to Burngreave

Lisa Durnie featured image. Photo by Tunde Farrand

Story and photo by Tunde Farrand

Anyone entering the Burngreave Food Bank is guaranteed to meet Lisa Dernie at the counter, serving hot drinks or cakes, handing out buns and having a kind word to every customer.

Lisa has lived in the Burngreave area with her partner and two boys for 29 years. She is so dedicated that she volunteers there whenever the Food Bank is open. We’ve had a little chat with Lisa.

How did you come across the Food Bank and when?

A mutual friend told me about the food bank. I’ve been here a couple of years. Lisa Durnie at work at The Food Bank

What was the reason you started volunteering for the food bank?

To meet people and get out of the house and socialise.

What awards did you win?

Burngreave Star Award.

What’s your favourite part of the work?

Meeting the clients. What’s your least favourite part of the work? When we get busy rushed off our feet. How do you feel about volunteering at the Food Bank? I really enjoy it.

Why do they call you Sugar Lady?

It’s because I fill the plastic cups up with sugar.

Where else do you volunteer?

I do general volunteering at St Cuthbert’s church and coffee morning at St Peter’s.

What’s your favourite meal and drink?

Baileys, meatballs and pasta, pizza and Sunday dinner. Fosters.

What’s your favourite show on telly?

Heartbeat. Murder She Wrote

Who is the sexiest man on the planet?

Vin Diesel

What are your hobbies?

Playing games on my phone. My favourites are Dragondodo Jewel Blast and Criminal Case: the Conspiracy

What do you like most about Pitsmoor/Burngreave?

It’s quiet and a friendly area. Town is close by and Tesco.

What do you dislike about Burngreave?

We need more play areas for young children and little bike parks and ramps

What will you be cooking for Christmas?

Turkey and veg

Cats or dogs?


Cooking or gardening?



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