The Festive Quiz

The festive quiz December 2019

Brought to you by quizmaster Graham Jones

Around this time of year many Burngreave families are celebrating various festivals. Here’s a quiz to find out what you know about these wintry festivals.

1. In some parts of which EU country do children hit a small log and loudly order it to poo so that they may benefit from the goodies being passed from its rear end?

a) Ireland b) Slovakia c) Spain

2. Which religion celebrates its main winter festival, Hannukah, by eating potato pancakes (latke) and playing with a four sided spinning top (dreidel)?

a) Jewish b) Islam c) Buddhism

3. Which of these Christmas traditions does NOT have Nordic Pagan origins?

a) Kissing under the mistletoe b) Messages featuring robins c) Flying reindeer

4. Of which of these professions is St Nicholas NOT the patron saint?

a) pawnbrokers b) fish fryers c) brewers

5. You will have recently seen bright mainly green lights in some Burngreave windows. Which Muslim festival do they celebrate?

a) The end of Ramadan b) Muhammad, the prophet’s, birthday c) The Islamic New Year

6. Which of these “Festivals of Light” is celebrated in January/ February rather than November/ December?

a) Chinese Lantern festival b) Diwali c) Hannukah

7. The name “Boxing Day” derives from a tradition on that day of

a) Local bare knuckle fist fight championships. c) “Bog sings”; a rural forerunner of modern pantomimes c) Giving boxes of alms to the poor.

8. Which of these countries celebrates Christmas on 25th December?

a) Ethiopia, b) Latvia c) Russia

9. Kwanzaa is a seven day international festival commencing on 26th December. Which cultures does it celebrate?

a) African and African American b) Estonian and Finnish c) Roma and Sinti

10. What does “Auld langs syne” mean?

a) Mine’s a whisky b) My old dog’s eyes c) Many years ago


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