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Pitsmoor Lunch Club

Story by Nick Edmondson and Deborah Blencowe | Photos by Nick Edmondson

The Pitsmoor Lunch Club began life in the Welcome Centre on Nottingham Street in 1985. It now takes place every Thursday from 10am until 2pm. The venture really works well for those attending.

Although the people attending do contribute financially towards the club, it also gets some Council funding. It’s a way of getting out of the house. Meeting other people. Helping other people. Working together. Chatting.

Singing or Bingo sessions take place each week that go down well with everyone involved. As with the other activities that occur in the Welcome Centre and at Christ Church Pitsmoor, it’s a place where ideally very different people in our community can safely get together and discover what we may be able to do. Basically, the attendees all make the Thursdays happen between them.

I attended on Thursday 5th March to see what happens and it was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed a quiche, chips and beans meal, which was prepared, dished up and served by volunteers. Dessert was apple pie and cream, and then I chatted along with everyone. I then got involved with one of my obsessions, clearing up and helping with all kitchen duties.

Occasionally the lunch club have a special day arranged and a couple of weeks ago, that very thing happened. Local resident, Surtag Hack provided a creative morning making paper flowers and demonstrating to everyone how she does them. Honestly, they were beautiful and I have my very own at home on my windowsill.

Anyone who is interested in attending one of these sessions, please get in touch with Nick Edmondson on 07725 569 380 or email

Pitsmoor Lunch Club

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