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Repair Cafe

Story by Jenny Tibbles | Photo by Emillie Taylor

Saturday 7th March saw the third Repair Café held at Abbeyfield Park House.

A repair café is quite simply a place where you can take along broken items and volunteers will try and mend them – often successfully! It’s a way of making things last longer, saving people money, passing on skills and reducing waste… all in all a very good thing.

The March café saw a great number of volunteer repairers and a small, but steady stream of people with items needing repairs. One successful repair was of a sewing machine that had not been working for years, a nice happy outcome! Andy, a long term volunteer, said

“It’s been slightly quieter than usual, but it’s a new venue, so we’re expecting things will get a lot busier as we go along!”

The Community Toolbank, based at the back of Abbeyfield House, was also open alongside the Repair Café, offering a tool sharpening service. Again, we had a good supply of customers, bringing their tools to get them ready for some Spring gardening action!

The Repair Café in Sheffield has been running successfully at Heeley City Farm and Strip the Willow for a number of years, and will now be open in Abbeyfield Park House on the first Saturday of the month, 10am-4pm.

Don’t forget, Toolbank is open each Saturday morning, 10am-12noon and BitFixit is open Saturday afternoons, 12-3pm in the community room.

Repair Cafe

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