Gold at Oasis Fir Vale

Oasis Academy Fir Vale Modeshift Gold Award winners

Story by Graham Jones

Oasis Academy Fir Vale have won the prestigious Modeshift Gold Award for demonstrating excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel. On Clean Air day the school had hosted a special fete with a range of stalls to promote active travel.

The school held a special event on 22nd January where the Lord Mayor Tony Downing presented the award to the school.

Mr Rashad Hussain, Senior learning mentor, led the proceedings.

Other organisations invited included South Yorkshire Police, SYPTE, Road Safety Officers and the Burngreave Clean Air Campaign.

Four girls who had moved on from the school last year had made a model village with one side choking in smoke and litter and the other showing what things could be like.

We were treated to some wonderful moving singing from the children. But then a Japanese drum band, Tengi Taiko, arrived on the stage and filled the hall with passionate rhythms. It was energetic, it was powerful, it was LOUD!

We had a quick chat about our plans for this year’s Clean Air Day. As Tony Downing said:

“Well done to all of you for winning the gold award for using sustainable transport. We should all think about the climate emergency. This is a wonderful school, with some lovely and wonderful children.”

Oasis Academy Fir Vale Modeshift Gold Award winners

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