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Zia Khan Kashmir visit

Story by Tim Neal | Photo by Muhammad Saleh

The Messenger spoke to Zia Khan who told us about a visit he made to Kashmir earlier this year in February. He travelled to the Kotli region of Kashmir where the popularity of private schools has soared over the last few years leading to neglected and underfunded state schools where there is a severe lack of funds for teaching and equipment.

Money had been collected before his visit between friends and family. He went there for a two week holiday. It was a humbling experience and he was really honoured to be able to help out by distributing stationery, books and other school equipment for these poor, yet ambitious young students:

“I had the opportunity to visit about five different local state schools in Azad where I witnessed first hand both the struggles and the determination of these passionate students.”

This was clearly a significant journey for Zia who asked us to personally thank everyone who donated to this small project.

Zia Khan Kashmir visit

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