Page Hall vision

Page Hall panorama

Story by Colin Havard

As I walk around Page Hall it’s easy to stereotype but also it’s easy to spot people who are here to provide a service, to help as it were. There have been some difficult discussions, often in social media and public meetings but I haven’t heard as much about the assets of the area, of the good things that can be built on.

I have just finished reading a book about abundant communities, the idea of building on the strengths of people. It has reminded me to look at Page Hall from a different perspective: the skills of local people, institutions doing a grand job, business renowned across the city, the wealth of green spaces on the doorstep.

This is what the Sheffield Community Investment Deal (SCID) has been trying to do for the last 2 years and will be cementing through a series of workshops in the coming months. Learning from what local people have said, understanding what their hopes are for themselves and the area they live in, and marrying this up with what the service providers can deliver.

There isn’t a magic solution to litter and rubbish or else it would have been used. There isn’t a simple answer to lack of jobs or low incomes. There isn’t a short cut to understanding different cultures.

But Page Hall is home to a very large employer (Northern General Hospital) with others on the doorstep (eg Amazon). It has Firth Park, Osgathorpe Park, Crabtree Ponds, and Wensley Park surrounding it. You can organise an Asian wedding and see live music on a Friday night. It has people who can cook and mend, people who can teach, people with rich histories. So together we can develop a rich future too.

Page Hall panorama

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