Recycling Decorations by Surtag Hack

Surtag Hack and her decorations

Story and photo by Deborah Blencowe

I spent a lovely morning with one of the Messenger volunteers who is obsessed with recycling. Surtag Hack, who lives in Burngreave, goes completely out of her way to try and recycle everything she can and turn objects that would be usually be thrown away into beautiful decorations.

Items such as plastic and glass bottles, bottle tops, flyers, catalogues, newspapers, lollipop sticks, straws, paper mugs and much much more are transformed into the attractive decorations that you can see here.

Surtag does sell her items and the money is donated to The Crisis in Yemen Fund. Long may she continue this good work and I’m looking forward to going to see Surtag again and make some creations myself.

Surtag Hack and her decorations

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