Graffiti gallery

A couple of months ago, we were walking past Abbeyfield House. Around the back are a number of derelict buildings. Doors and windows were sealed by metal and wooden shutters, all evenly spaced out like pictures in an art gallery. Thus was born the Graffiti Gallery…

Friends of Abbeyfield Park and the People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor paid for the paint. The talent was everywhere. This unloved corner of the park has now become a destination. If you would like to paint a picture in the gallery, we still have a couple of places left, or just come along and see the pictures.

With a lot to pack into our latest issue, we didn’t have room for the full version of the Graffiti Gallery double page spread Martin Currie did for us, so we are bringing it to you here as a PDF download:

Graffiti Gallery – double page full version