It’s a matter of faith

New Testament church people
New Testament church people

Story by Christopher Benjamin and Tim Neal | Photo by Christopher Benjamin

With strong links into Burngreave, the New Testament Church of God sits at the bottom of Burngreave near the river.

New Testament church people
New Testament church people

I asked them how they’d been coping during the pandemic:

“Some people have no family I don’t know how they cope. I’m all right I’ve got my husband and my children around me.”

We met in the Family Life Centre:

“We come and prepare meals every Tuesday for the homeless. People don’t come in, they used to. We stand out there, prepare a meal and give it to them. “I’m a person that prays a lot, if it wasn’t for the Grace of God I would maybe be in a depressive state. It’s a matter of having strong faith.”

Sister Benjamin, who lives in Burngreave, said she had been coping quite well:

“I’ve got the garden and find that very therapeutic. Otherwise this pandemic has been a bit too much You can’t do this, you can’t do that and it can be very stressful. When you go to the supermarket to or you go on the buses. I’m enjoying being at the soup kitchen as well, it gets me out of the house and gives me something to do.”

She explained how people in the Afro-Caribbean community have responded:

“We do look out for one another. Because we go around with food parcels. We’ve been doing it since the lockdown. We’ve collected it and we share it out with neighbours. One day I handed out 28 parcels in my area.”

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