Messenger editorial October 2020

As we go to press we know there will be extra restrictions announced that will be imposed before you read this. We can’t be certain that we can produce and distribute another edition before Christmas, but we hope so. Burngreave has shown great resilience and this edition showcases just a few examples of this as well as highlighting a drive to rediscover some sort of “normality”. Many have experienced hardship and some have suffered bereavement. However, there remains great faith in the future.

This issue’s team: Deborah Blencowe, Martin Currie, Ingrid Hanson, Carrie Hedderwick, Saleema Imam, Douglas Johnson, Graham Jones, Jamie Marriott, John Mellor, David McLeish and Tim Neal.

Special thanks to Saleema Imam and Graham Jones for helping add this issue to the website from their homes.