Arts & Culture

Graffiti gallery

A couple of months ago, we were walking past Abbeyfield House. Around the back are a number of derelict buildings. Doors and windows were sealed by metal and wooden shutters, all evenly spaced out like [Read more]
Burngreave Cemetery Chapel

Building for the future

Story and photo by Drew Dallen Both Burngreave Cemetery chapels have had their roofs repaired this month. This is another step on the road to getting these chapels functioning for community use. Now the roofs [Read more]
Air monitoring tube

An invisible problem

Story and photo by Graham Jones Poor air quality is an invisible but massive problem. In the UK as many people die from diseases related to air pollution every year as have died from Covid-19. [Read more]
Bee swarm
Advice & Support

Diary of a beekeeper

Story by Linda Cawley, bee keeper | Photo by Tim Neal When I thought about how bees have been affected Covid I couldn’t think what to write. Then it came to me: pollution. When people [Read more]
Health, Fitness & Well-being

Victor’s book

Story by Ingrid Hanson How often do you wake up in the morning and wonder whether you might randomly be hauled off to prison, having done nothing wrong, by the end of the day? For [Read more]
Advice & Support

Fir Vale Foodbank

Story and photo by Nicola White We held our final drop in meal on Thursday 19th March. 67 people were at the door by 2pm. We realised social distancing would be impossible to maintain. With [Read more]
Talib, Mark and Jackie
Advice & Support

Local Councillors and surgeries

Surgeries with local councillors are suspended for the time being. To contact them use the email and phone numbers below. Jackie Drayton: 0114 205 2866 Mark Jones: 07472501187 (mobile) Talib Hussain: 0114 [Read more]