Pitsmoor Scarecrow Festival

Story by Stan Burt

If you were walking through Pitsmoor this month you may have gotten a fright as strange creatures were seen lurking in people’s front gardens and hedges, but there was nothing to fear for it was the inaugural Pitsmoor Scarecrow Festival.

Residents stuffed pillow cases and clothes with hay, painted on faces and added wigs to create their perfect scarecrow. Participants brought their individuality and creativity to the fore with a wide range of different creations from Humpty Dumpty ones, to punk rock inspired ones and even ones with important environmental messages to ‘take your litter home’.

Scarecrow festivals have long been a staple of villages up and down the country and this was another event to build that village feel of Pitsmoor.

Georgia Burns, who organised the event, thought it would be a good way to bring the community together and be a welcome distraction to all the depressing Covid news. She was aided by Danielle Fortier, who created a trail for people to follow online and a voting system to decide who should take home the coveted best scarecrow prize.

Humpty Dumpty proved victorious!

In all, it was a fantastic way to celebrate the creativity and communal spirit in the area and hopefully it will become a regular tradition.

So, join in next year and you never know you may be crowned the Scarecrow King or Queen.

Update 2021:

The organisers need at least twelve people to sign up for the 2021 Scarecrow Festival.

If you’d like to create a scarecrow and put your creation on display, just complete the form at www.tinyurl.com/PitsSFSignup

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