As one door opens…

Dianne HancockStory by Dianne Hancock.

For some people, a year of recurring lockdowns has been a tough time, there has been loss, isolation and huge changes to ordinary life. For others it’s brought unexpected bonuses: more time at home, no stressful commuting, a chance to step off routine busyness.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and disoriented. A few minutes of quiet focus and breathing each day can calm down the nervous system and restore a sense of control.

Here’s something to try:

  • Find a straight-backed chair or stool and sit with your feet planted on the floor (put a book under each foot if your chair is too high).
  • Sit a little way from the chair back (use a cushion at the back of your pelvis to support you).
  • Slowly press each foot into the floor, feel a connection into your hips. Can you sit on your sit bones? Slide your hands underneath your bottom and feel those sharp bones! Slide your hands out and stay sat on those bones. Do you feel more supported?
  • Now, rest your hands in your lap, close your eyes and breathe. Enjoy the sensation, count each time you breathe in without speeding up or making a special effort.
  • When you have counted for 10 breaths, take one last deep breath. Slowly open your eyes. Feel a sense of refreshment and calm.

Make time for some simple breathing each day and feel the benefit.