Burngreave councillors June 2021

Burngreave Councillors May 2021
Burngreave Councillors May 2021. From left to right: Mark Jones, Safiya Saeed and Talib Hussain.

Safiya Saeed

Talib Hussain

Mark Jones


Burngreave surgeries are shared between Councillors Safiya Saeed, Talib Hussain and Mark Jones and are held at:

Burngreave Library, Sorby House, 42 Spital Hill

  • 2nd Saturday of the month from 11.00am -12.15pm.
  • Monthly starting Saturday 11th September 2021

Pakistan Advice Centre (PACA), 127 Page Hall Road

  • 3rd Thursday of the month from 2.00 – 3.00pm.
  • Monthly starting Thursday 16th September 2021


Street-Surgeries will be held on a ward rotation throughout the year with leaflets delivered prior to holding the Street-Surgeries with time and date indicated.