But how are you, really?

Polly Perkins, interim editor at the Burngreave Messenger.

Editorial by Polly Perkins, interim editor.

Burngreave’s community has worked hard to face the pandemic with a solution-focused generosity. Other than shelter, food, health and safety, the three things people need in order to feel content are community, purpose and love. It is these three pillars of human strength that we celebrate and support with this edition.

We’ve made changes during our re-launch, in response to feedback. Huge thanks to our designer, our volunteer journalists, writers, editors, distributors and you, our community, for all your input.

Change is always tough, so we’d love to hear from you with friendly feedback so we can help YOU to create the newspaper that Burngreave deserves. In this issue there’s a pull-out centre section for kids, local arts and culture, history, news, opinions, features, competitions and more. With a new interim editor, there are bound to be mistakes and omissions so please bear with us while we adjust to this change, too.

Editing involves tough decisions, so if you sent in articles that we couldn’t fit into this edition, they’ll appear on our website or future issues. We only make the cuts and changes we need to. We’re a very small charity and we’re proud to be part of the Burngreave community.

Edgar Lowman red kite logoThe bird has flown!

Featured artist Edgar Lowman replaced our logo with a bejewelled red kite.

Each issue this year will feature a logo designed by a local resident. Please send in your own take on the Messenger pigeon/dove, a photo, drawing, painting or sculpture, will your artwork be delivered to over 9,000 homes?

Finally, Printworks Sheffield have printed the Messenger for over a decade. Our thanks to Paul Robinson for the excellent, affordable, tailored service.

This issue’s team:

Deborah Blencowe, Martin Currie, Saleema Imam, Graham Jones, Edgar Lowman, John Mellor, Corrine Moss, Victor Mujakachi, Tim Neal, Carl Rose, Hal Walker, James Woollen and the kids of Pye Bank Primary School Design: Jamie Marriott Interim Editor: Polly Perkins

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