Edgar Lowman, artist profile

I have always drawn, and the Messenger played a big part in my artistic development. I love creating a ridiculous joke every issue, and in such times as these I think it’s important to find as much silly as possible. As I moved into teaching, with multiple ballet schools to balance my time, art became much more therapeutic.

Painting small characters and animals in watercolour meant I could take time to create. After starting an Instagram gallery my pieces started to be seen, feeling purposeful because they were being shared.

I have a fondness for Beatrix Potter, as well as the original ink illustrations by EH Shepard for Winnie the Pooh. These are driving influences in my work. I haven’t had any formal art education besides secondary school. It’s lovely that I can now earn by creating pet portraits, creature illustrations, and commissioned work.

Comic by Martin Currie and Edgar Lowman.
Words by Edgar Lowman

Edgar Lowman comic strip - No More Puns

Edgar on the internet

Edgar Lowman red kite logoWhere’s the pigeon?

If you’re wondering what has happened to our usual pigeon logo this issue, it’s been replaced  with a bejewelled red kite drawn by Edgar.

Each issue this year will feature a logo designed by a local. Please send in your own take on the Messenger pigeon/dove, a photo, drawing, painting or sculpture.

Where’s the usual George and Brian strip?

Because a feature-length comic strip just isn’t enough, George (or maybe it’s Brian) stars in Edgar’s usual cartoon strip, where he’s looking up words in a thesaurus. It’s must-see stuff.