MAAN’s response to Covid 19

MANN in the park

Story and photo by Sharmarke Ismail

MANN in the parkWhen the restrictions eased MAAN encouraged people to be safely active and socialise in Abbeyfield Park- some elders enjoyed football and others did park walks. Misinformation and disinformation MAAN tackled the mis-information about Covid 19 as many people in the community were getting misinformed.

MAAN created two WhatsApp groups to communicate effectively and share Public Health England and WHO guidelines. We commissioned videos to share through email and social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Building digital literacy for the community, we delivered Zoom training which resulted in better communication for all and we’re taking part in live TV raising awareness, by Somaliland National TV which is often more accessible than the BBC Maan continues to increase support in response to Covid 19.

We have worked with service users, carers, family members, volunteers and partners, updating awareness and confidence to ensure that we are Covid safe during home visits.

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