Pitsmoor Pickers tackle the ‘grot spots’!

Pitsmoor Pickers: bags of collected rubbish.

Story by Malcolm Camp.

I’ve heard people say, “There’s no point bothering cos our area’s a sh** **le!” I realised it wouldn’t take long to reverse that opinion – picking up the worst of it, might help change their minds!

I litter pick to do something to make the world instantly better. It’s simple: You see it- You pick it up! You put it in the bin. End of!

All you have to do is leave the house with a bin bag! Everything not in a bin that should be, goes in the bag. The surprising thing is, that the work is fun and really satisfying. You get to meet like-minded litter pickers and there is a real sense of community spirit.

Local councils simply do not have enough cash to do all the things that they need to do. The problem is just too big for them!

Some car owners dump all their take-away wrappers on the street. The bad stuff is soiled nappies, heroin needles, human and animal poo, and waste from the sex industry. You can be sure that children will find it. That’s why adults need to pick it up.

Two hundred people have joined Pitsmoor Pickers on Facebook during lockdown and three thousand have joined Sheffield Litter Pickers. Pitsmoor pickers have regular social distanced picks on local ‘grot spots’ every Saturday morning. Others could pick their grot spots too. We are volunteers and we do this because we care for the environment and the mental health of local residents.

I hope that clears things up!

Become a local litter picker

Pitsmoor Pickers are looking for more volunteers to get involved. If you want to help keep the local area tidy, join the group on Facebook and get in touch!


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