Well Dressing 2021: “Peace”

Well Dressing "Peace" 2021

Story by Christine Steers | Photos by Christine Steers and Patrick Amber

It was a lovely sunny day for the annual Well Dressing events in Burngreave Cemetery on Saturday 5th June. This year’s theme for the Well Dressing was ‘Peace’.

The pictures show the progression from blank boards to final petaled display. The children from Pitsmoor Adventure Playground did much of the work, collecting flowers and greenery and putting and assisting Saleema Imam to help put the petals in place.

Steve and Ken did the boards and clay and the chaiman Nicholaus Hall opened the event. Thanks to Kim Streets for her welcome speech with kind remarks about the Friends Of Burgreave Chapel and Cemetery group and how much of the Well Dressing was recycled materials from previous boards.

It was also Big Lunch Day and families enjoyed their picnics in the fine weather. Thanks to all who made it such an enjoyable, socially distanced, few hours.

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