Abbeyfield Park playground petition a success

Abbeyfield Park Playground

A petition started by concerned local parents to get much needed maintenance for Abbeyfield Park playground was successful, and work started on Monday 23rd August to improve the dangerous flooring  and make it safe for families to use.

Danielle Fortier, leading the campaign, says on the website:

“Well the pressure on the council has worked! The current flexi flooring under the slide and see-saw will be overlayed with the same kind of carpet-like flooring that is under the swings and climbing frame.

“Thank you to everyone who signed and shared the petition. Each time someone signed, an email was sent to Parks and Countryside, so the pressure has obviously worked!”

A victory celebration picnic will go ahead on Saturday 4th September in the park.

The original petition called on Sheffield City Council to replace all of the unsafe, slippery flooring in the playground with new, safe flooring, to prevent the risk of a serious accident to users.

The petition made change with 275 supporters.



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