Verdon Centre Jobs Fair on Monday 23rd August

Job fair card

A Jobs Fair for ages 16 and over, featuring employment links, interview workshops and C.V. assistance, is coming to the Verdon Street Centre on Monday 23rd August 11.30am – 4pm.

The event is hosted by Reach Up Youth in partnership with Sheffield City Trust. Organiser Safiya Saeed Berberaawii says:

“When opportunity knocks, we answer! We are working to bring career pathways in our communities. It will be an amazing chance to help the forgotten.”

The event will feature:

  • Employment links
  • Interview workshops
  • C.V. assistance

Lunch and refreshment will be available

Job Fair

  • 11.30am – 4pm Monday 23rd August
  • Address: Verdon Centre, Verdon Street, Sheffield S3 9QQ.
  • For ages 16+
  • Telephone: 07473 527 520
  • Email:

Verdon Centre Job Fair flyer