Horizon iPads

From the Autumn Mini Messenger by pupils at Oasis Academy Fir Vale

Oasis pupils using iPads
Oasis pupils using iPads
Oasis pupil using iPad

Story by Year 3 Denmark.

We all got an iPad during the coronavirus lockdown of 2021. The iPad helped us to learn during lockdown. Every day we could meet our class on Microsoft Teams to do our normal lessons. We also did work on Purple Mash and TT Rock Stars.

It was also really nice to see the teachers every day even though we couldn’t come to school. The teachers also made Vimeo lessons which we could watch on our iPads to do extra work. Now we are in school, we use our iPads a lot.

We do research, play learning games, answer work sheets, and collaborate with each other on pieces of work.

Before we got our Horizon iPads, we had to share the iPad Minis with lots of other children. The  iPad Minis were really slow and broken. It is great that now we have our own iPads to use which work great!

Oasis pupils using iPads
Oasis pupils using iPads

We get to keep our iPad all the way through school until we leave Oasis Academy Fir Vale which is great because all our photos, work and games get to stay in one place. We love our iPads!

“My iPad lets me talk to my friends and teachers whenever I want” – Helena

“My favourite thing to do on my iPad is drawing pictures and playing maths games” – Nikola

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