Human impact on the environment

From the Autumn Mini Messenger by pupils at Oasis Academy Fir Vale

Deforestation picture by Olivia Ugo
Deforestation picture by Olivia Ugo

Story by Vanesa Dunkova.

Unfortunately, the world is being destroyed by deforestation, urbanisation and air pollution. Changes like these have caused climate change, poor air quality and undrinkable water. The first negative impact humans have on the environment is deforestation. Deforestation is cutting down trees.

People cut down trees because they need paper and wood to build. The reason deforestation is harmful to the planet is it is destroying animals’ habitats. In addition, urbanisation also has a negative effect on the world. Urbanisation is when people and humans build houses and buildings on top of animals’ habitats.

We need cities because the population is increasing so houses need building to avoid overcrowding. Urbanisation is dangerous for living things because building houses, cities, shops and roads on the land of animals’ habitats. This means the animals will not survive.

Air pollution is when smoke comes out of machines, factories and cars. This smoke is harmful because the toxic, poisonous gases released can enter the lungs and cause diseases such as lung cancer.

It is not too late! If we become environmentally friendly, we can help save the planet together.

“Chopping trees is bad because there is less oxygen for people and animals to breathe” – Richard Mizigar

“We need to look after our environment because we need to keep the habitats of animals safe so they don’t die” – Jozef Ferenc

Deforestation drawings by pupils at Oasis Academy Fir Vale

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