Local artist influences thousands with her work

Emilie Taylor featured artist

Story by Sadia Khan. Photos by Carl Rose.

Emilie Taylor is an artist who uses her art for the purpose of storytelling. Her work is an inspiration to many, highlighting the importance of many worldwide issues. Being trained in art therapy, working as a drug and alcohol service worker and now pursuing her dream as a full time artist, Emilie has not only had her pots displayed in museums, but has worked on huge projects, one of her favourites juxtaposing the differences between Chatsworth Estate and the Manor Estate.

Her work is based on her experiences in Sheffield. One example, the piece ‘Edgelands”, was inspired by a city park she and her friends would go to when they were teenagers. Emilie studied Fine Art at university but it was her career in drug and alcohol services that helped her build up the confidence to approach galleries and taught her how to find funding to support her work. Along with this, the people she worked with are some of her biggest inspirations.

When Emilie started creating art as a hobby rather than trying to make a career from it she began enjoying it more and learnt to not always have a fixed goal in mind. Getting her studio at age 28 made her realise that it takes time and no one should try to rush into a job. “Don’t think because it doesn’t happen straight away it wont happen” explains Emilie. As for any advice for young future artists?

In the words of Emilie Taylor “Be honest and make it about you and just enjoy it.”

Contact Emilie Taylor at emilie@emilietaylor.co.uk and support her in her upcoming exhibition ‘Home’ at Cupola Gallery during October 16th – November 20th and watch her talk about her art in this short film on Youtube:

Link: bit.ly/maydayemilietaylor