Miroslav Kandrac 1970 – 2021

Miroslav's funeral parade.
Miroslav's funeral parade.
Miroslav Kandrac.
Miroslav Kandrac.

Obituary by David Kandrac. Photos by Jonathan Turner.

The Burngreave Messenger was privileged to be invited to the funeral of Miroslav Kandrac on Thursday 19th of August 2021.

The community came out in force to join the parade to Shiregreen cemetery which was lead by an elegant horse drawn hearse, followed by a score of cars, all beeping their horns in solidarity and mourning, joining the large crowd of black-suited mourners who waited, lining the streets. Miroslav’s life was celebrated in emotive speeches with song and sorrow both playing an important part in the moving ceremony, in which his family played a central role.

Miroslav’s son, David Kandrac wrote this obituary to his dad:

“In Loving Memory of Miroslav Kandrac (51 years) born June 25th, 1970, passed away surrounded by his family on Saturday 31st of July 2021 at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, RHH.

“He was born in Bystrany, Slovakia and arrived in the UK in 2004 to escape poverty, discrimination and racism and to provide a quality life for us and help his families to settle in the UK. He was a husband of 30 years to Mrs. Jarmila Kandracova, a loving father of Svetlana, Miroslav, David and Alex, and caring grandfather of 11 children.

“My father was a pioneer within the Roma community; he was highly regarded for his input to his Roma citizens in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, in Sheffield and across the UK.

“I am not only grateful to him for my life, but also for my success. I am an educated man with a big heart because of his time, energy and caring personality. When my former teachers gave up on me, he never stopped believing in me. He knew that I would follow his footsteps.

“A day before his death, he asked me to record him, which is available on my Facebook. He expressed his gratitude to his friends and family, who he could not say goodbye due to travel restrictions. As well as showing no fear to his death, he believed that he was going ‘HOME’, heaven.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole staff at the RHH for their excellent care and compassion and thanking those who attended his funeral. “My father, teacher and mentor will stay in my heart for the rest of my life. I miss you!”

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