Oasis in space

From the Autumn Mini Messenger by pupils at Oasis Academy Fir Vale

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OASIS pupils in an astronomical dome dome.
OASIS pupils in an astronomical dome.

Story by OASIS Academy Year 6 pupils.

In Y6 we had a visitor named Olga who was an astronomer. She brought a gigantic planetarium dome, which was nearly as big as our classroom! We climbed inside, and it actually felt like we were in space! Sitting inside the dome felt relaxing, because it was dark, but also a little scary!

She showed us the eight planets, and told which were gas giants, and which were rocky planets. She taught us that Saturn’s rings are falling to its surface, and she showed us that Venus is the hottest planet. We saw a video of the Mars Rover (Curiosity), which drills holes, trying to find water!

Views from inside the dome

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