Pitsmoor Puppets’ Picnic

Puppet folks. Photo by James Woollen.
Puppet folks. Photo by James Woollen.

Story by Martin Currie. Photo by James Woollen.

Patrick Amber, the local artist we now share with Greece, was on top form during his last visit home. Along with Gary Manton, he gatecrashed the Nottingham Puppet Festival, and the pair were a hit, roaming the streets with their Dog and Bear puppets, and interacting with the public.

Patrick wanted to do something similar for Pitsmoor, so we held a Puppets in the Park show in our own Abbeyfield Park. Along with myself and Lois Conlan, plans were drawn, then scrapped due to the weather, rescheduled, still raining…we went for it anyway. Making workshops, demonstrations and performances brought hilarity and noise to Abbeyfield House and the audience was treated to a TV first- Puppet Blind Date. A bit shambolic I’ll grant you, but everyone had a good time, and that’s what matters

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