Reclaim the disused spaces

Plot of land.

Story and photo by Elissa Thompson.

Behind the allotments at the end of Ellesmere Road North there is a piece of land owned by Sheffield Homes. Those of you who live nearby, will know this has become a hotspot for fly-tipping in recent years – however some locals have banded together and are creating a proposal to the council to bid for funding to regenerate this space and create a local, inclusive space that is managed by the community that everyone can enjoy.

Some brilliant suggestions have been raised beds, fruit trees, a seating area with fantastic views of the city and a space for young people. The main message is that this should be an inclusive space, with full disabled access that everyone can enjoy. The council are really keen and have seen many similar successful cases such as Heeley Green and Crookes. The more input we have from local people nearby the more likely this will remain a positive space for all local people and free from antisocial behaviour and further fly-tipping.

Anyone who would like to be involved and added to the mailing list please contact Elissa at

Plot of land.