Roma community out in force clearing out the woodland

Roma litter pickers on Sutherland Road. Photo by Karen Malone..
Roma litter pickers on Sutherland Road. Photo by Karen Malone.

Local Burngreave resident and Pitsmoor litter picker Karen Malone was moved recently by the work of the Roma community after they cleared streets of litter in their area. Writing on Facebook, Karen said on the day:

“I was so overjoyed today I wanted to cry. The Roma Community on Sutherland Road are out in force clearing out the woodland, I stopped to talk to them and thank them and tell them how proud I am. When I went back with bags some had swept outside their houses. I was about to give up on there, but not now. I said we’ll be back on Saturday – one man said we saw you last Saturday and we want to clean up.”

She adds:

“I hope their amazing work rubs off onto the rest of the community and on everyone in the city.”

As a member of Pitsmoor Pickers, Karen is one of a group of people who are out most days litter picking. Despite working full-time and looking after her granddaughter over the weekends, she is often out with regulars Ann Creasey, Malcolm Camp and Gavin Hogg clearing woodland and green spaces. Burngreave Councillor Mark Jones backs them up and often helps with Saturday group picks.

They all encourage more people to join the group and come to the litter picking events to help keep the streets clear.

Become a local litter picker

Pitsmoor Pickers are an informal community group devoted to ‘Keeping Pitsmoor Clean’ and are always looking for more volunteers to get involved. If you want to help keep the local area tidy, join the group on Facebook and get in touch!

Writing for our issue in June, Malcolm Camp wrote:

“Two hundred people have joined Pitsmoor Pickers on Facebook during lockdown… Pitsmoor Pickers have regular social distanced picks on local ‘grot spots’ every Saturday morning. Others could pick their grot spots too. We are volunteers and we do this because we care for the environment and the mental health of local residents.”


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