Summer of making and baking

Brightbox - making a pizza oven

Story and photos by Mariam Pasha

Walking along Herries Road on the wayside plot of Norwood Allotments you may smell wafts of enticing aromas drifting over from an outdoor pizza oven. Close by are a group of young people looking pleased with their fantastic creation and enjoying the fruits of their labour!

These young people from the surrounding neighbourhoods have met and worked for six weeks to design, build and decorate their very own pizza oven! Brightbox, a local community organisation, has facilitated this youth group to meet for weekly working sessions at the allotment.

With a particular focus on creating inclusive spaces with minority Asian, Black and ethnic groups, Brightbox has launched a series of exciting summer workshops teaching DIY skills ranging from making planters to building a garden shed from scratch.

To make spaces more accessible, they’ve organised a crèche on the allotment for their ‘Brown Girls with Drills’ workshops running from the end of June through July.

Visit to find out what you could learn this summer!

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