Editorial winter 2021

Editorial winter 2021

As gusts of wind leech the colour from the trees and mornings sparkle with frost, Burngreave residents are coming together to celebrate, to share resources and to campaign for a better future. With the news of a new covid variant, we hope you’ll all protect yourselves and each other by wearing masks, getting vaccinated and ventilating indoor areas.

Big changes are afoot at the Messenger with our board of trustees stepping down after decades of voluntary service to welcome a diverse interim board, who will step in to secure a happy new year for the charity.

We will host our AGM in March and we hope than many of our readers will attend to ensure their voices are heard and their paper governed by people the community has chosen. Being a trustee is a great opportunity to learn new skills and improve your CV whilst serving the community so please email us if you’d be interested in governing the Messenger.

This month we also welcome Colette Wymer, who will be job sharing the project management and editing role with me, while we conduct a complete review of policies, procedures and staffing and raise the money we need to keep the charity afloat.

Happy New Year, Burngreave, stay warm and stay safe. Polly.