Letting art have a local home

ilet4u graffiti wall

Story and photos by Shamilah Wahab.

A local artist Leigh Redhead who is trying to break through into the world of street art was commissioned by Ilet4You on their 5th anniversary on behalf of Fir Vale School to do this art work. The purpose of the exercise was to try and engage local people in the community to get together and help each other progress in their own positive way.

A group of Y11 students from Fir Vale School photography course were there to take photos of the artist and his artwork. There was a Journalist Isobel Fry from The University of Sheffield, who is doing her masters degree. She was covering the event as a part of her project for her masters degree.

The whole event shows that from one event on this occasion a local business (iLet4You Limited) celebrating their 5th Anniversary so many people in the community can benefit. From the local business to the local artist to the students both from the local schools and the local universities. This goes to show if the community works together great things can be achieved and everyone involved can benefit.

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