Meet Megan, the new partnerships manager at SOAR

Megan Ohri, Partnership Manager for SOAR.

Story by Lyn Brandon. Photo by Nate Dainty.

Since the early 2000s, Southey & Owlerton Area Regeneration (SOAR) has supported various projects to meet the needs of the people of Sheffield, Burngreave included.

“SOAR is a community regeneration charity that provides services to improve a person’s health, well-being and employability. We enable and support local people through partnership working, to improve the quality of life for North Sheffield residents.”

Megan Ohri, Partnership Manager for SOAR, was appointed this summer. Originally from Sheffield, Megan worked in Manchester and returned ten years later with a wealth of experience of community and youth work. She now wants to put some of that experience to some good use in her new role at SOAR.
Megan’s job is to manage a team of wellbeing coaches who work with GP practices that can support the mental health of the local community in Burngreave after a brutal pandemic.

“Covid-19 has had a huge impact on our community, but it is so good to see groups working together and the trust that has been built between different parts of community”.

SOAR staff and volunteers work with and not for individuals, thus enabling people to make choices and take control of their own lives. The SOAR Board of Trustees are representative and made up of members of the community from across North Sheffield.

An example of one of their projects is the Healthy Holidays programme which is sub-contracted to 40 plus community groups. They also run a small grants programme through with up to £1000 available to address issues which affect local people’s health and wellbeing.

Megan is very much looking forward to knowing more about the locals in Burngreave, and intends to build partnerships in a positive way to empower individuals within the community.

Megan Ohri, Partnership Manager for SOAR.

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