Men Up North, digging for dignity

Men Up North - Grimesthorpe Allotment

Story by Benoit with photos by Darren.

There are times where life forces us to reconsider what we want to be part of.
Call it a mid-life crisis if you wish, but reaching the 40 milestone made me realise I was yearning for more authenticity in the way I was living my life and relating to others in general.

Going to the Men Up North Grimesthorpe allotment brought me great satisfaction as I interacted with my local community around natural activities. I remember the first time I went, thinking:

“Oh my! I haven’t an ounce of an idea on how to tend this piece of land, despite being the son of a farmer!”

And there I was, missing out on the fact I was being given the opportunity to turn my habits into healthier ones and learn a set of necessary skills related to working with nature.

A few months on, spending a little time every week at our community allotment has definitely helped improving my mental and physical health!

I feel very much more grounded and at peace generally. It is as if I’m learning to breathe again! And it’s quite refreshing to engage in healthy meaningful activities with my peers.

I now need my nature fix every week and am more than willing to share this experience with any fellow men needing respite from the city.

‘Men Up North’ was started in 2017 by young entrepreneur and executive coach Angga Kara who had lost a couple of close friends to suicide. Its aim is to support men of all ages and backgrounds to improve their Mental and Emotional Health. For more information on anything MUN and details on the sessions visit and for anything related to the allotment call Benoit on 07703 621 219

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