The Funky Summer: Burngreave musician reaches out to help homeless

Andy Stockton

Hi I’m Andy Stockton. A few readers might remember me performing at SADACCA and the Abbeyfield Park Festival in the late 1990’s with the hip hop crew the Red Eye Knights.

Music is important to us all – it helps celebrate our good times, comforts us in the difficult ones, and can give voice to our frustrations, hopes and dreams. I also believe it has the power to bring us together in happiness and peace.

My first step has been to remaster the back catalogue of Multiverse 3, another hip hop project I worked on, and reissue it as a fundraiser for Sheffield charity Ben’s Centre. It’s been a joy to work with my son on a new remix of our biggest tune “The Funky Summer”

Like many, I find it upsetting to see so many distressed and vulnerable people on our streets, and with the winter cold coming I feel it’s important to support a specialist organisation like Ben’s Centre, a charity in Sheffield that supports people with substance misuse and issues arising from homelessness and street culture.

We’ll be releasing tracks on Bandcamp from Friday December 3rd