Introducing Police Sergeant Ben Hall

Sergeant Ben Hall featured

Sergeant Ben HallHello, I’d like to introduce myself as the Burngreave and Pitsmoor Neighbourhood Sergeant for those of you who I haven’t met. My name is Ben, I’m Police Sergeant 1528 Ben Hall, and I’ve been the neighbourhood Sergeant in this area for over 3 years.

I’d like to think in that time I’ve put together a team that targets the kind of activity that effects the Burngreave community, mainly that of drug supply and the associated anti-social behaviour that comes with drug/alcohol use.
In the last 3/4 months, the team have arrest 41 people for various offences from drug dealing/possession to assault and weapons offences, as well as executing 6 drugs warrants.

We have conducted over 200 stop and searches in this time and seized 37 vehicles from the roads. Most recently we took part in the “operation Sceptre” week of action against knife crime across South Yorkshire.

Following targeted stop and searches we recovered 3 knives and those who were found carrying them will face court action.

We always rely on help from the community and I would be delighted if we could reach out to as much of the Burngreave community as we can. I am always here to listen to your concerns and can be contacted in complete confidence so I would love to hear from you. We also pride ourselves on tackling the issues you feel are the most important so can make a difference where it counts. Your concerns matter to us so please get in touch.
In the coming issues I hope to report our activity back to you as well as advertise some of our community engagement events.

Please feel free to contact me with any information or concerns, email

My mobile number is 07557 254 870.

We also have a social media account on the Sheffield North East NPT page where I post regular updates of our activity in Burngreave so please follow us on there.

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