Winter Dark Peak competition winners

Winter painting by Somayeh Rostami

Winter painting by Somayeh RostamiWe have chosen TWO winners of a Dark Peak jacket in our arts competition.

First up, with her seasonal landscape painting is competition winner Somayeh Rostami who will receive her Dark Peak jacket soon. We like her artwork so much that we’re hoping to feature her in a future artist profile.

Our second winner is David Norris-Kay with his poem ‘Nature’ and his nature photos. He wins a Dark Peak jacket too.

Nature – Poem by David Norris-Kay

Sun’s wash spreads over Moonscape-moors,
Encircling rocks with loops of light.
Dredged from darkness, an eagle soars

Above receding realms of night,
Where dim stars fade and flicker out,
Grey clouds edged with a golden hue,
Reflect in streams of teeming trout,
Beneath a watchful water-shrew.

Damselflies in vaporous heat,
Dance the sun-dazzled depths of dawn,
Among wet wisps of meadowsweet
Are creepers of invading thorn,
And when long day fades into dusk –
A pewter moon is webbed in trees;
The low sun is an empty husk,
A red balloon blown on the breeze.

These images of nature teem
Into my mind to fondly keep,
Pale pristine pictures held in dream,
Set in the silences of sleep.

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