All about the Sisterhood

All about the sisterhood.

Photos by Safiya Saeed Berberaawii.

We started this project because there were no activities for girls at this age and there was also a lack of BAME female mentors to support local girls, as well as a lack of representation from the community, to communicate with the schools, colleges and universities.

The Sisterhood is aimed at young girls aged 11- 20 years old. It is important that young BAME girls have a safe space to wear headscarves without discrimination and without male staff present.

Although the Sisterhood has an open-door policy, it is mainly targeted at BAME girls as they have more limited access to sports facilities and activities.

We want to create leadership, community champions and confidence building through sports. There are now 25 girls attending the various sessions we do. We want to mentor them to become young leaders and help to build their self-esteem as there is a lack of female representation in sports in both the professional world and the community. Young girls are very vulnerable in Burngreave as they don’t have a lot of women mentors from their background whom they can identify with.

Leadership Programme

  • Self-development training
  • Identity training
  • Mental health/anti bullying workshops
  • Mother and daughter communication skills
  • Structured leadership training
  • Social media workshop
  • Self defence
  • Healthy eating, health and wellbeing course
  • Also trips for awards

Our sessions are on Sundays 1pm-3pm at Verdon Centre Sheffield S3 9QQ.

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