Burngreave receives funding to help high-street businesses

The Spital Hill Comm2Unity event in 2018. Photo by Frankie Currie.

Story by Sheffield City Council

We are pleased to say that Sheffield City Council has awarded Burngreave funding to help make improvements to our local high streets. We have received £50,000 funding to work with businesses on Spital Hill. This funding will cover a celebration of Burngreave’s vibrant and creative entrepreneurs and our amazingly energetic and talented youth people. Over the next 6 months we will be working with stakeholders to pull this all together and we will be letting everyone know about upcoming events.

At the same time Sheffield City Council Officers have been working hard to pull together support for businesses in Fir Vale to help them recover from Covid-19 and build growth within the retail offer for this busy local high-street.

As we look to move on from lockdowns, and the disruption and losses caused by Covid-19, we must help our local high-streets blossom into the beating hearts of the local community. Where people can meet, eat and shop amongst their friends and neighbours. We have some amazing restaurants with some of the best food in the city. We have many amazing hidden gems of shops where bargains can be found for those willing to explore.

We will be working to make sure that the whole city knows about the amazing shops and businesses that Burngreave has. We want people from across Sheffield to come to our highstreets, to spend some time and money and go home with great products and happy memories of their time in Burngreave.

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