Everyone should be a litter picker

Karen and Pitsmoor Pickers.

Story by Karen Malone | Photos by Karen and Eimear-Rae

Hopefully you will have noticed a cleaner looking Pitsmoor over the past year as some local residents stopped moaning about litter and have taken it upon themselves to take action themselves.

We are looking for more people to help out, people are involved in a way that suits them, some do a daily litter pick, and some weekly, monthly or occasionally.
When the group Pitsmoor Pickers was set up in January 2021 on Facebook there was instant interest and enthusiasm and the group has grown considerably since then. At the time many people had more time on their hands due to lockdown, working from home… now the situation is changing meaning some people seem to have less time and litter picking has, unfortunately slowed down.

My initial thoughts for the group were that members would keep their own street clean and help with other ones. Keeping the main roads and green spaces through Pitsmoor looking inviting and clean is as important as our own street. I want people to see Pitsmoor in a different light to how it’s perceived by the media (a place of high crime, dirty, uncared for), instead of the area it really is; a fantastic diverse community that comes together to support others, form friendships and where lots of lovely events are organised by local residents.

We are now aware more than ever what a dire state the environment is in; plastic packaging is slowly decreasing and some people are making the choice to buy loose. Charges for carrier bags has significantly increased leading to more people using reusable bags but we need to do more. Please let your children see you setting a good example by using bins or taking litter home.

If you can help but need equipment, you can email streetsahead@amey.co.uk and arrange to collect the amount of pickers/grabbers you require as well as bags and gloves for you, family or friends.

Please report fly tipping, full bins, heavily littered streets using the app fixmystreet.