Local artists plan sculpture for Abbeyfield

Story and photos by Martin Currie.

Our attempt to get a sculpture for Abbeyfield Park has taken a step closer to reality. We managed to get funding for public consultation, and initial design work, by Jason Thomson, a sculptor experienced in making art that is very hard to vandalise or steal.

Emilie Taylor organised a series of sculpture workshops, which were busy noisy affairs, and we gradually got a feel for what people wanted from the sculpture. Jason arrived at two concepts, the first is apple girl, a cheery local, wearing a substantial back pack, out of which grows a living apple tree.

The second is a fox on a scooter. An old fox is having a great time on an electric scooter, giving rides to other wildlife to be found in the park.

Now there is the small matter of raising funds for the sculpture to be made, transported and installed. Anyone who wants to help is very welcome.

Contact raygunconsultant@gmail.com