Pitsmoor playground awarded “best”

Adventure Playground group

Story by Patrick Meleady | Photo by Zaqer Mused.

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground voted the Best Frontline Play provision in the UK at the 12th Annual Playwork Awards on Tuesday 1st March 2022.

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground won the prestigious Annual Playwork Awards in a category against hundreds of other provisions.

This award celebrates the playwork sector. It aims to identify those who have made a difference. The award won by Pitsmoor Adventure Playground is for exemplary playwork by a frontline organisation.

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground, is in 2022, celebrating its 50th year of operations. For decades it has served hundreds of thousands of children and their families, as an Open Access and community support service.

The Playground supports children’s freely chosen, personally directed and intrinsically motivated play, recognising that play is innate and fundamental to healthy development and wellbeing. The highly qualified Playworkers are exceptional, extending children’s play and encouraging children to face challenges.

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground’s community reach was also acknowledged as exceptional. Their work on community cohesion and inclusion has been a trail blazer for services nationwide and they focus much of their work on combatting inequalities and promoting and securing social justice. During Covid-19, the Playground staff were out daily, delivering play and sports packs and food to vulnerable children, young people and families supporting those in the greatest need.

Patrick Meleady, Pitsmoor Adventure Playground’s Manager, said:

“We are honoured, humbled and privileged to have been nominated for this prestigious award and to win it has been overwhelming especially in this category and against so many excellent provisions that come from and operate across the whole of the UK. I pay tribute to our wonderful Trustees, amazing dedicated staff and to the children, young people and families, whose input has contributed to Pitsmoor Adventure Playground being awarded in this way. We have two great Playgrounds in Sheffield, the other one being Highfield Adventure Playground and we and them will continue to champion children’s play going forward”

Yanina Koszalinski, the Chair of Pitsmoor Adventure Playground, said:

“We are all absolutely thrilled to be awarded this national award. Our staff – paid and unpaid- are exceptional and this award justly recognises this and their work with our children and families to make Pitsmoor Adventure Playground the top in its field. Having attained this award in our 50th year makes it all the more special too.”

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