Crabtree Drive jubilee celebrations

Crabtree Drive street party.

Story and photo by Kerry Heath.

My lovely neighbours and I on Crabtree Drive held a street party to celebrate the queen’s platinum jubilee on Sunday 5th June. It was fantastic to see so many different cultures coming together to celebrate such a wonderful event.

The weather wasn’t on our side but it didn’t stop us! We got permission from the council to close the road and erected sheets for shelter and everyone brought out tables and chairs. It was such a fabulous day with many different cultures bringing home cooked food to share.

It was such a wonderful day and a great opportunity to greet neighbours that we perhaps don’t usually speak with on a daily basis. This was all thanks to Julia and Helen for such great organisation, and the rest of the street for joining in to create such a great atmosphere and memories to treasure.

Crabtree Drive street party.