Save the Burngreave Messenger!

Save the Messenger! We need your help.

After 23 years of service to the community, the Burngreave Messenger needs your support. By simply speaking up, you can help show funders why the Messenger matters to you and help keep this vital project alive for Burngreave.

It’s as easy as sending an Email-Call-Text-Video-Photo-Letter – whatever suits you. As always we also want to hear what Burngreave needs the Messenger to do more of, less of or better, so please, speak up!

It’s an honour to serve this community and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together in the past year. Relaunching and redesigning the magazine post-lockdown under very difficult circumstances, with reduced hours for a new staff team and all new board of trustees, has made every day a school day!

We are now URGENTLY applying for funding to keep your community news magazine going.

Because the team loves the project so much, we’ve agreed to halve our paid hours for a few months while we await the decision of funders, so that the charity can stay afloat. Sadly, we’ll have to take a break in production of the print edition until we can raise funds, but we’ll still be available to read/listen to your stories and share them online via social media, local notice boards and our website.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to tell funders how important the magazine is to our community.

Please speak up: email us, write in, record video or voice testimonials on your phone, text us or leave us voicemail messages and tell us why the Messenger matters to Burngreave.
With your help we can evidence the value of this unique, vital community asset and win substantial funding to host exiting events and get back to printing your stories and sharing “The voice of the community”

Thanks so much for your support,

Polly Perkins
(Editor/ Project Manager)

Contact us

  • Phone: 0114 242 0564
  • Email:
  • Address:
    Burngreave Messenger, Abbeyfield Park House,
    Abbeyfield Road, Sheffield S4 7AT.

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