The Burngreave Messenger invited to discuss the sustainability of local journalism

Polly goes to Parliament.

As the only news publication in the UK with charity status, the Burngreave Messenger has been invited to give evidence on “the Sustainability of Local Journalism” at the House of Commons in London.

Our editor Polly Perkins will be attended the panel meeting on Thursday 16th June, where she will be rubbing shoulders with national and international organisations like Google, Meta, the BBC and the NUJ!

The meeting starts at 10am, but Polly will be live on from 11.15am.

UPDATE: The session has been POSTPONED

Unfortunately the session on the Sustainability of Local Journalism that Polly has travelled to has been CANCELLED today “due to other Parliamentary business”.

The department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee have Tweeted saying:

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and hope to reschedule.”

Polly says she is “gutted”.

UPDATE: The session has been rescheduled and Polly will be going to London again on Thursday 7th July.

The ONLY UK news publication with charitable status!

The Charity Commission has cited the Burngreave Messenger as the only example of an organisation providing local news with charitable status, stating:

“In a recent statement the Charity Commission’s chief executive defended their approach by pointing out that journalism is not recognised as a ‘charitable purpose’ in its own right in the Charities Act and that to be registered a news organisation must ‘show the journalism that it funds or carries out is a means to achieving an existing charitable purpose’. Those existing purposes include promoting education, citizenship or community development. That statement cited four recent examples of registration. All four organisations are concerned with journalism, but only one (the Burngreave Messenger in Sheffield) actually provides local news.”





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