We say thank you to Polly Perkins as she moves on to her next adventure…

Polly Perkins at the office

We would like to inform our readers that Polly Perkins has recently stepped down from her role as Interim Editor at the Burngreave Messenger. We want to express our sincere thanks for everything that Polly has contributed to the charity during her time with us.

Polly took on the role as Editor at the Burngreave Messenger in April 2021. This was an incredibly challenging time for the Messenger whilst re-emerging from the strains of the pandemic and the limits of lockdown.

She has worked tirelessly to re-launch and re-invent The Burngreave Messenger and built strong relationships with volunteers within the community as well as engaging with external bodies such as the local council and local authorities. Polly also represented the Burngreave Messenger at a Select Committee at the Houses of Parliament, championing local journalism and realising a future which includes upholding the tradition of local unheard voices in the Media. Her vision to genuinely engage and represent the community has seen the Messenger return ever more vibrant and relevant.

Polly at Parliament

The Burngreave Messenger is now confident it can move forwards with a stronger and more meaningful offer to the community it serves. Subject to funding, the charity will continue to deliver regular issues of the magazine. Plans are in place to implement initiatives that will involve more people from across the Ward in the creation of the Burngreave Messenger, as well as evolving our online presence.

Having transformed the Messenger over the last two years and achieved what she set out to do, Polly has decided to move on to her next adventure leaving behind her a stronger, more sustainable, and more confident Messenger.

Polly at the Messenger office.

Polly says:

“I’m proud of my work at the Burngreave Messenger. It was a real privilege to serve such an urgent and valuable charity in a community that is both engaged and needful of engagement.

“This community needs the Messenger as much as the Messenger needs the people of Burngreave and between the excellent remaining staff and the talented, intelligent, authentic skilled Trustees I think the future is full of positive potential.”

The Board of Trustees, Colette and Jamie would like to express their enormous gratitude and appreciation for all the work and time that Polly has invested. Her fierce dedication and motivation saw her go above and beyond to breathe new life into this important local media platform. Without Polly’s inspiring work we would not be able to go forward with such an exciting and bold vision for our future. We wish her all the best in whatever she decides to do next!