Huw Thomas
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What do I do when someone dies?

Story by Huw Thomas, Assistant Priest at Christ Church Pitsmoor. Photo courtesy of Huw Thomas. The past year has been a difficult time for bereavement. Families were challenged by only being allowed limited numbers at [Read more]
Contact tracers
Advice & Support

Community Contact Tracers

Story by Carrie Hedderwick. Thank you to the passer-by who took the photo. Introducing the Sheffield Community Contact Tracers (SCCT) & the Burngreave Fir Vale group SCCT, a group of community activists, local volunteers, former [Read more]
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Victor’s book

Story by Ingrid Hanson How often do you wake up in the morning and wonder whether you might randomly be hauled off to prison, having done nothing wrong, by the end of the day? For [Read more]